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 Live Like a Backpacker

When we are travelling, we should take as little baggage as possible.

If we carry too many things, we will find that:

1. They are a burden. We have to move them up and down, here and there;

2. We lack freedom. We can't go shopping, and we hesitate to visit the restroom or take a nap;

3. We have little peace of mind, as we constantly worry if they might get dropped, bumped, lost or stolen.

Life is like a journey. Wealth, love, marriage, family, career, fame, power and position, even the knowledge we have accumulated – all are just baggage. The less we have, the simpler and less onerous life becomes.

The rich should envy the poor, just as a person lugging a lot of suitcases envies the carefree backpacker.

Monastics are admired by others because they are poor and have little luggage. People who have taken vows are not worthy of respect if they have too much baggage in life.

Recite the name of Amitabha Buddha and be a backpacker in life, carrying only the six-character name as luggage. That is all you need, as it contains everything.

Leave all else behind. If you cannot do that, check it at Amitabha’s "Luggage Storage Office."

Master Huijing

Master Huijing

Master Jingzong

Master Jingzong

Guiding Principles

Faith in, and acceptance of, Amitabha’s deliverance
Single-minded recitation of Amitabha’s name
Aspiration to rebirth in Amitabha’s Pure Land
Comprehensive deliverance of all sentient beings